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13 July 1987

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About me

Megan. 26. Lives in Auckland. University graduate in Information & Library Studies, plus also has a certificate in Business Admin. Single. 5'3". Huge WWE fan. ADORES CM Punk, John Cena, The Shield & Chris Jericho ♥. Collects wrestling DVDs, has 256. Attended Wrestlemania 29 in New Jersey in April 2013 and attended Summerslam 2013 in Los Angeles in August 2013.

Favourite wrestlers

CM Punk. John Cena. The Shield. Chris Jericho. Drew McIntyre/3MB. Daniel Bryan. Big E Langston. Rey Mysterio. Dolph Ziggler.

Favourite music

Ayumi Hamasaki. Adam Lambert. Lana Del Rey. Natalia Kills. Little Mix. Lady Gaga. Blue. Namie Amuro. Koda Kumi. Rihanna. Utada Hikaru. BoA. MiChi. Jasmine. G.NA. Skylar Grey. Britney Spears. Monrose. The Saturdays. BONNIE PINK. Sirens. Parade. Miley Cyrus. Anna Tsuchiya. Girls Aloud. Five. Sugababes. John Cena. Jim Johnston. Katy Perry. Cheryl Cole. Brown Eyed Girls. Sky Ferreira. Girls' Generation. Meisa Kuroki. Anna Abreu. Demi Lovato. Tata Young. Spice Girls. Queensberry. 4minute. 2NE1. After School. f(x). Ailee.


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SURVEY ABOUT ME (updated 31/07/13)

** basics **
Name:: Megan.
Nickname:: Shorty, Megs, Meg, Megabites.
Location:: Auckland, New Zealand.
Gender:: Female.
Birthplace:: Auckland, New Zealand.
Birthday:: July 13.
Age:: 26.
Sign:: Cancer.
Righty or Lefty:: Lefty.
Screenname:: poutyshorty, Shorty5, weatherwarden.

** your looks **
Height:: 5'3".
Weight:: 56kgs.
Shoe size:: 5.
Hair Color:: Red.
Hair Length:: Halfway down my back.
Eye Color:: Green.
Size:: It depends.
Glasses:: Yes.
Braces:: No.
Piercings:: None.
Tattoos:: None.

** fashion **
Where do you shop:: All over the place - Kmart, Cotton On, JJ's, Glassons, Valley Girl, Supre, second hand stores.
What do you usually wear:: Jeans, short shorts, miniskirts, leggings, low cut tops, dresses, leggings etc.
What kind of shoes do you wear:: Jandals, heels, wedge heels, sneakers, boots.
Do you wear a watch:: No.
Color you never wear:: Pink.
Color you wear at least once a week:: Purple.
Something you wear everyday:: Underwear :P
Do you wear make up everyday:: No.
Make up essential:: Nothing.
Most cherished piece of clothing:: My 18 pairs of jeans.
You wouldn't be caught dead wearing:: Those ugly mullet skirts or a midriff baring top lol.
Do you wear belts:: Not really.
Do you wear hats:: Yes.
How many pairs of shoes do you have:: 20+

** music **
Favorite kind of music:: Pop, J-pop, K-pop, rock, dance.
Least Favorite:: Country and screamo.
How many CD's do you have:: 400+
What's your favourite album right now:: Little Mix - Salute.
What's your favourite song from that album:: Salute <3
Do you download music:: Yes.

** Favorites **
Color:: PURPLE!!
Number:: 13.
Season:: Summer.
Ice cream:: Cookies and cream.
Website:: Facebook, UKMIX, YouTube, Last.fm, Livejournal, TV Tropes.
Store:: JB HiFi.
Band:: That play instruments? I'm not sure.
Singer:: Ayumi Hamasaki, Adam Lambert & Lana Del Rey.
Rapper:: Eminem.
Group:: Little Mix & Blue.
Song:: Currently, Little Mix - Salute.
Wrestler:: CM Punk, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins & John Cena <3<3<3<3
Movie:: The Simpsons Movie.
Actor:: Johnny Depp.
Actress:: Sandra Bullock.
Kind of movies:: Action, comedy, horror.
Place to be:: My room.
Time of day:: Evening.
Clothing Brand:: None.
Animal:: Cats & ducks.
Food:: Pasta & corn on the cob.
Holiday:: Christmas.
Shape:: Star.
Restaraunt:: Valentines or Denny's.
Fast food place:: Wendy's.
Boy's name:: David ♥
Girl's name:: Joanne ♥
Word:: "Innit" haha.
Month:: July or January.
Candy:: Gummys!

** love and relationships **
Sexual Preference:: Bi.
Husband or Wife:: Neither?
Do you cheat:: I have in the past.
Do you believe in love at first sight:: Maybe.
What do you look for in a guy/girl:: Lots of things.
Best physical feature:: Muscly arms and shoulders, a bit of facial hair, nice smile, nice eyes. And it's sort of physical, but I love when a guy has a very low, sexy tone to his voice. Think Dean Ambrose, that guy has the SEXIEST voice I've ever heard rawwwwr.
Best hair color:: Dark.
Best eye color:: Anything.

** randoms **
Do you paint your nails:: I get French manicures.
What color is your tooth brush:: Green.
What's on your desktop:: The Shield!! <3
Do you like roller coasters:: Yes.
Do you do drugs:: Hell no.
Are you a virgin:: No.
Do you have any pets:: No.
What time do you go to sleep:: Usually midnight, but sometimes later then that.